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Our marriage lasts Information & News:
  • Will Your Marriage Last? | Psychology Today
    It's what happens in the first two years that predicts marital success Studies show that the newlywed years can foretell the long-term outcome of almost every marriage What do your newlywed years predict for you? What if I told you that there is a man in America who can predict, from the outset
  • Signs Your Marriage Last - Secrets of Long Marriages
    6 Signs Your Marriage Will Last a Lifetime If your connection involves any of these things, rest assured that you're in it for the long run
  • 8 Simple Ways to Make Your Marriage Last - Mens Health
    Marriage isn't an exact science, but some guys do study it for a living These psychologists, therapists, and counselors get paid to watch and analyze couples—and at the end of the day, they use what they've observed in the field to help their own unions stick at home Searching for some solid
  • Study Finds That Marriages Last Longer When Couples Are . . .
    The marriage world, i e wedding sites, jewelry stores and TLC shows, all have two things in common: hyping up the materialist aspect of marriage and, of course, love but mostly the materialistic part
  • 20 Ways to Make Your Marriage Last - Cosmopolitan. com
    As much as you might hate taking out the trash or washing the dishes, pitching in is up there with faithfulness and sex in terms of what makes for a satisfying marriage And if you really, really, hate chores, the good news is the split doesn't have to be even for couples to see benefits (as long as they're both happy with the arrangement)
  • 7 Powerful Ways to Make Your Marriage Last | hitched
    Marriage is supposed to last forever, isn’t it? When we decide to get married, we truly believe that forever will happen Sometimes that’s easier said than done because most of us don’t have realistic guidelines or tools to know how to make a marriage last When we fall in love, we usually
  • 12 Ways to Make Your Love Marriage Last | Happy Wives Club
    The following is my verbal declaration of intentions and views on what makes love last 12 Ways to Make Your Love Marriage Last Check in EVERYDAY Asking “how was your day?” is the key to being part of your honey’s life Don’t take that question for granted Don’t grunt and say okay and move on to “what’s for dinner ” You married the love of your life so you could be with them every day right? Remember that
  • The Good Marriage Can last a Lifetime | Dr. Neill Neill . . .
    The Good Marriage Can last a Lifetime Sunday Thursday by Dr Neill Neill The idea of the good marriage is built into our psyches We want it; we seek it; we enjoy life more and live longer when we are in a good marriage We are hard-wired to seek communion with another human being
  • 10 Ideas: Helping Your Marriage Last a Lifetime
    Love your spouse “The love comes from God ” (Mattie Foy) “The love comes from God ” (Mattie Foy) What is the result of a marriage that lasts a lifetime? After 53 years of marriage, five children, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild, Joan Fortin says, “I just see the blessings that God has given us through this marriage and
  • Which Marriages Last 10 Years? - WebMD
    • Having children doesn't mean the marriage lasts a lifetime 1997 data show that only 57% of marriages last 15 years, and only half last 20 years Will your marriage last longer if you first explore living together? Maybe not -- even if you cohabit with your eventual spouse The odds of a marriage lasting at least 10 years are:

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