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  • Beatles MIDI Music Songs Meet The Beatles Album
    The Beatles MIDI Homepage focuses on the Beatles' releases in the US on Capitol Records The Beatles captivated America from 1964-71 Albums, discography and every song in MIDI format of the greatest rock band
  • Beatles MIDI Music Homepage
    My Beatles Collection of MIDI songs and album covers are for FREE for everyone's enjoyment To download MIDI's, simply visit each album by clicking on the cover below in the table
  • The Beatles Play Along Song Tracks Archives - Beatles . . .
    Beatles Play Along Song Tracks let you play one of the instruments in a Beatles song They are also great for learning a new song, or backing your band during a performance!
  • The Beatles — Wikipédia
    The Beatles est un groupe musical britannique, originaire de Liverpool Formé en 1960, et composé de John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison et Ringo Starr, il est considéré comme le groupe de rock le plus populaire et influent de l'histoire
  • Fingerstyle Guitar Tabs and CD Demos - LeWalt Publishing
    Fingerstyle Guitar Tabs and CD Demos This page consists of listings for Fingerstyle Guitar tabs available in LeWalt format with CD demonstration recordings
  • Moon Songs and Lyrics - Moonlight Sys
    Hundreds and hundreds of songs have been written about the moon throughout history In fact, the moon is one of the most sung about themes The Moon is described as: Golden, Yellow, Pink, Silvery, Black, Blue, Red, White, Fire Red, Blood Red, Cherry, Amber and even Neon and Turquoise
  • Non-sappy father daughter dance songs | Offbeat Bride
    We used The Beatles' All You Need Is Love for a simultaneous bride-bride's dad, groom-groom's mother dance that then expanded to include the other parents, the wedding party and their partners and anyone else who wanted to join in
  • 50 Worst Song of All Tme - Harpin an a Whinin
    Run for Your Life! It’s the 50 Worst Songs Ever! Some have crap-tastic melodies Others are wretchedly performed And quite a few don’t make any sense whatsoever

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