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    My sentiments and thanks go out to the entire Chinese-American community for its ancestors' contribution to the building of this great Nation Image of Chinese Worker at CPRR Tunnel No 8, above, is a detail of Hart stereoview #204, from the Steve Heselton Collection
  • Chinese immigration and the Transcontinental railroad
    When the Transcontinental Railroad was complete, Chinese laborers made up over 90 percent of Central Pacific Chinese-American Contribution to Transcontinental
  • Transcontinental Railroad Construction and Chinese . . .
    The contribution that Chinese laborers made to building the transcontinental railroad is one of the many interesting topics documented in the Set In 1845, a proposal for building a transcontinental railroad was presented to the Congress
  • Chinese-Americans and the Transcontinental Railroad
    Chinese immigrants had a huge impact on the history of the west They were instrumental in the completion of the transcontinental railroad Chinese-American
  • History of Chinese Americans - Wikipedia
    A History of Chinese Americans in California; The History of Chinese Immigration; Chinese-American Contribution to transcontinental railroad; China's Great Migration, by Patrick Radden Keefe; Teachinghistory org review of web resource Chinese in California, 1850–1925 "Chinese" Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey
  • Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
    chinese-american contribution to transcontinental railroad Transcontinental RR The first trans-con rail system was a merger of Union Pacific and Central Pacific
  • The Chinese Helped Build America - Forbes
    By Gordon H Chang and Shelley Fisher Fishkin In proclaiming May as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, President Obama highlighted the contributions of Chinese railroad workers in helping complete the most important construction project in mid-19th century America
  • FAQs : Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project
    CPRR FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) How many Chinese worked on the first transcontinental railroad? The precise number of Chinese who worked on the railroad from 1864 to 1869 is not clear; records are incomplete and inexact

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