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    Chinese immigration exploded in the 1850's, fueled by the California gold rush and the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad From 1851 to 1880, 228,899 Chinese emigrated to the United States
    By the summer of 1868, 4,000 workers, two thirds of which were Chinese, had built the transcontinental railroad over the Sierras and into the interior plains On May 10, 1869, the two railroads were to meet at Promontory, Utah in front of a cheering crowd and a band
  • Chinese immigration and the Transcontinental railroad
    When the Transcontinental Railroad was complete, Chinese laborers made up over 90 percent of Central Pacific's workforce Although working on the railroad was a risky job for all laborers, Chinese workers faced more challenges than their white counterparts did
  • Transcontinental Railroad Construction and Chinese . . .
    Meanwhile, over the years, as the transcontinental railroad was under consideration, the railroad network of the eastern United States reached as far as eastern Iowa, and then further expanded to Omaha, Nebraska The transcontinental railroad consisted of two sections
  • History of Chinese Americans - Wikipedia
    A History of Chinese Americans in California; The History of Chinese Immigration; Chinese-American Contribution to transcontinental railroad; China's Great Migration, by Patrick Radden Keefe; Teachinghistory org review of web resource Chinese in California, 1850–1925 "Chinese" Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey
  • Chinese-Americans and the Transcontinental Railroad
    The Transcontinental Railroad was a dream of a country set on the concept of Manifest Destiny In 1869, the dream was made a reality at Promontory Point, Utah with the connection of two railway lines
    from Sacramento to Marysville and the San Jose Railway CHINESE-AMERICAN CONTRIBUTION TO TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD TRAVEL GUIDE Let our Travel Guide lead you on an adventure along the Rideau Heritage Route
  • FAQs : Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project
    The precise number of Chinese who worked on the railroad from 1864 to 1869 is not clear; records are incomplete and inexact The railroad did not list most individual Chinese workers by name in their payroll records, and instead listed headmen of work crews or labor contractors who distributed pay to the individuals on the crew

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