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  • Head Knowledge vs Heart Knowledge | Before The Cross
    For example, we can definitely have head knowledge, and not have the heart knowledge to go along with it However, it’s impossible to know things in our hearts, but not in our heads However, it’s impossible to know things in our hearts, but not in our heads
  • Head Knowledge vs. Heart Knowledge - NewCREEations
    In contrast, heart knowledge is something that you just know This kind of knowledge is sometimes called revelation knowledge because it is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit Often revelation knowledge is built on head knowledge
  • Do You Have a “Head” Knowledge or A “Heart” Knowledge of . . .
    Imagine if someone you know intimately, someone with whom you have spent quality time with and who really knows your heart, asks to borrow a hundred dollars There is no question about it If you have it, the answer is yes
  • Five Ways to Go from Head Knowledge to Heart Application . . .
    3 Find a piece of Scripture, memorize it, and meditate on it When it feels like you’ve squeezed everything you can out of that one, find another and do it again Scripture memorization is vital
  • The Problem With Head Knowledge Versus Heart Knowledge
    If your emotions (heart knowledge) is not right, there is something wrong with your thoughts (head knowledge) You can’t have right thoughts and bad emotions Back to Your Thinking Biblically speaking, head knowledge means that you know what the right thing to do while heart knowledge says that you want something else Mable is upset at Biff
  • Head Knowledge vs. Heart Knowledge: Fine Distinctions or . . .
    It is commonly assumed that there are two kinds of knowledge when it comes to the Christian faith: head knowledge and heart knowledge "Head knowledge" is often associated with knowledge limited to the level of information, without any practical implications or impact in someone's life
  • Head Knowledge vs. Heart Knowledge | Devotional
    The issue we have, is that many people will either side with “head” knowledge or “heart” knowledge You see, the debate can make a case for both sides I have known many people who understood the Scripture
  • Do you know the difference between head knowledge and . . .
    Head knowledge is intelligence - raw memory capacity for learning Heart knowledge is wisdom - the capacity for disseminating memory for exploitation of experience for the future Even someone who knows little will still be able to do more than someone who lacks the wisdom to know when to act

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