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  • peerless boiler manufacture date - alfatihfoundation. org
    FURNACE AGE CHART - Ny Metro Ashi Inc The third series of numbers is the Manufacture date- this tank the location code is 253000 for this boiler Peerless Prior to 1984 there was not a date code Brands P - S - InspectAPedia com
  • arcoliner boiler – Industrial Boiler
    FURNACE AGE CHART – Ny Metro Ashi Inc File Format: Microsoft Word The first sequence is the manufacturing location – the location code is 253000 for thisboiler FURNACE AGE CHART Author: Michael P O'Handley Last modified by: 1950 American-Standard Ad – Arcoliner Boiler, Lavatory
  • Heating equipment age determination: how to read data tags . . .
    Included in the manufacturers listed are also makers of ancillary equipment such as controls, circulator pumps, etc , not just boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps themselves The age of a heating boiler, furnace, or heat pump can be determined by identifying its year of manufacture that is encoded in the unit's serial number (not the model number)
  • sbm em manufacture dates - connexionscarhire. co. za
    FURNACE AGE CHART - NCW Home Inspections, LLC FURNACE AGE CHART , 7th digit is the month of Manufacture , Call (or email) Wiel McLain and they will tell you the date of manufacture Phone: 219-879- 【Live Chat】
  • Wall Furnace: Lear Siegler Wall Furnace - Blogger
    Lear Siegler Wall Furnace Siegler Corporation - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia FURNACE AGE CHART - NY Metro Ashi FURNACE AGE CHART Amana: For tonnage refer to FLA RLA For age use the serial number and the "B-L-A-C-K-H-O-R-S-E" code wherein S=1969, E=70, WF- Wood Furnace OF- Oil Furnaces WH- Wood Heater CH- Coal Heater OR
  • Carrier Furnace: Old Carrier Furnace Parts - blogspot. com
    FURNACE AGE CHART - NY Metro Ashi Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Day Night: Recently First Company Service Parts: One of 4 divisions of First Operations They supply OEM equipment to all of the major HVAC manufacturers
  • Trane furnace age by serial number Keyword Found Websites . . .
    FURNACE AGE CHART - Ny Metro Ashi Inc Nyashi com Beginning in 1971, age is a number followed by a letter in the serial number Example: 1C-xxxx = March 1971, etc 1980, 1981, 1982 the year is a letter in the 7th place
    FURNACE AGE BY BRAND NAME--NEED A GOOD WEB SITE Microsoft Word - FURNACE AGE CHART pdf (75 2 KB, 708 views) Furance Models pdf (40 5 KB, Joined ASHI in 2001 I'm a member of RMC-ASHI If you can figure out how to do it on this forum feel free to email me directly I'm new at the forum thing other than reading them as time permits

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