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  • Going abroad for dental treatment - General Dental Council
    To help you make an informed decision about your dental care, we have produced a guide on travelling abroad for dental treatment in association with the British Dental Health Foundation, the UK's leading oral health charity Further information on dental treatment is available from the Oral Health Foundation
  • Going abroad for dental care - Citizens Advice
    The General Dental Council in the UK has a leaflet that explains what you need to know before you agree to dental care abroad You can find this information on the General Dental Council website at www gdc-uk org
  • Information for patients - General Dental Council
    Information for patients This area of the website contains information about going abroad for dental treatment, dental charges, and the standard of care you should expect from your dental professional
  • Going Abroad for your Dental (Implant) Care? - Exodontia. Info
    What you do before going abroad for treatment (that is, research regarding the treatment, costings and questions The General Dental Council (GDC) is the UK dental regulator; all dental professionals must be registered with the GDC to work in the UK The GDC sets the standards that all registered dentists in the UK must adhere to The GDC can’t guarantee another organisation like it
  • Having dental treatment abroad | TDC Dental Implants Centre
    Considering going abroad for dental implants? We look at the risks, with expert insight from TDC Implant Centre Co-founder and Lead Surgeon Dr Michael Zybutz Includes the considerable benefits of having TDC Smile in a Day dental implant treatment in the UK Read on to find out more
  • Choosing your Dentist - Dental Council
    Approved – Dental Council September 2010 4 Going Abroad for Dental Treatment There can be no doubt that high quality dental care can be found outside this country also If you are considering going abroad for dental treatment it is important that you
  • Dental Implants in the UK vs Abroad | Evodental
    Dental implants in the UK vs abroad Dec 26 2016 Is cheap dental surgery abroad worth the risk? If you’re thinking of dental implants you might have considered going abroad for treatment, in the belief that dental surgeons in other countries can offer an equivalent level of professionalism and skill to UK counterparts but at a lower cost But the General Dental Council (GDC), the
  • Dental treatment abroad - Home - Citizens Advice
    Going abroad for dental care Link to the General Dental Council website giving information for people who are thinking of seeking dental treatment abroad Includes regulation of dentists in other countries, what to ask during the first consultation and what aftercare is available

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