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  • The Narcissist Dislikes Being Ignored – The Narcissistic Life
    1 ) The person gives the narcissist attention and praise Narcissist’s response: Continue to use that person to provide narcissistic supply 2 ) The person criticizes the narcissist or shows defiance (which may be in the form of ignoring)
  • 19 Signs Youre Married to a Narcissist- the Narcissists Wife
    Married to a Narcissist ~ *(I am not a psychologist, I have experience with this situation and I am sharing from that and my own research I have approached this from a females perspective, as that is what I am and what I have been dealing with in my husband)
  • In a Relationship with a Narcissist? A Guide to . . .
    Jeff May 21st, 2013 I was a major victim of a Narcissist! It has destroyed my family, business, friends and now rolls into my current relationship I was with her for 11 years – then we split for a while, I met someone else who was wonderful and I swore that I would never go back (This is before I understood what a narcissistic was or that I was being so damaged)
  • How to Overcome The Pathological Lies Of The Narcissist . . .
    How to Overcome The Pathological Lies Of The Narcissist And Win The Divorce, Settlement And Custody Battles
  • A Portrait of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in The . . .
    LinkedTube Throughout The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg demonstrates most of the traits associated with what the DSM-IV calls “Narcissistic Personality Disorder ” If you’ve spent much time on my site, you’ll have gathered that I’m no fan of diagnosis I don’t want to end my discussion of the film before I’ve even begun by affixing a label to this character; instead, I’d like
  • Stages of the Psychopathic Bond | Psychopaths and Love
    Stages of the Psychopathic Bond: Idealize, Devalue, Discard The predictable yet completely unexpected and devastating pattern of a relationship with a psychopath involves three stages: Idealize, Devalue and Discard These relationships start out like heaven on earth…but end in a place worse than hell
  • Don’t Date Girls With Borderline Personality Disorder . . .
    If you date enough women, eventually you will encounter one with Borderline Personality Disorder If autism is hyper-masculinization of the brain, it may help to think of BPD as characterizing hyper-feminization of the brain
  • Tools of the Trade: A Narcissists Guide to Crazy Making . . .
    A Narcissist’s greatest advantage is that their behavior is often contradictory, inconsistent and inexplicable to those closest to them People remain stuck in these toxic relationships, because of the mixed messages they receive and the web of deceit and confusion they’re caught up in

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