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  • Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic
    More comfortable online than out partying, post-Millennials are safer, physically, than adolescents have ever been But they’re on the brink of a mental-health crisis
  • Generation Y | Exploring Corporate Life With A Gen Y . . .
    It’s no surprise organisations are struggling to retain millennials as most are unaware of what generation y want for life As thought leaders in all things Gen Y we know EXACTLY what they want from the workplace and we can help your business retain that key talent
  • How Has Social Media Changed Us? - Forbes
    Without question, Social Media has had a profound impact on the concept of a "personal brand" Our lives become increasingly more public, as we all share information on a variety of networks This transition hit us like a truck-- first it was "the kids" spending time on Friendster, Myspace, and then
  • Is Generation Z in Trouble? | Psychology Today
    Is Generation Z in Trouble? Teens are using screens in ways that alarm many parents What's the real story? Posted May 03, 2018
  • How Smartphones and Social Media Can Steal Childhood . . .
    Ever since Socrates complained about the written word ruining memories, people have been wringing their hands over the potential harms of technology At least Socrates never had to worry about his Snapstreaks Now researchers say social media could be making more teens depressed, and there’s plenty of parental panic about the attention-sapping effects of the smartphone age
  • The best read story of 2017? Its The Atlantics My . . .
    Chartbeat has released its third annual ranking of the 100 best read digital articles of the year among its clients as measured by total engaged time The winner by a wide margin was Alex Tizon's Atlantic cover story on the life of a family servant who was, in fact, a slave
  • Melinda Gates: I spent my career in technology. I wasn’t . . .
    Learn about the issue: This month, the Atlantic ran a long story called “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? ” The headline is a little dire, but then again, so is what’s reported in the article It makes a strong case linking smartphones and social media to emotional distress
  • Breaking the silence about mental health issues in college . . .
    ESSI AUGUSTE VIRTANEN | Editor-in-Chief For theater student Megan Wiegert, one day in September 2016 was when everything broke down and everything could have ended

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