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  • I have worked I have been working | WordReference Forums
    Hello, everybody, Is there a difference between these two sentences: I have worked here since 1999, and I have been working here since 1999 I would also appreciate if somebody could explain me the differenece between using Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous on the whole
  • Move back the date in American English | WordReference . . .
    Hello everyone, Does the phrase "move back the date" sound natural idiomatic in my example below (in American English)?Ex : They decided to move back the date of the wedding from May 1 to July 14 My meaning intended: they decided to put off (postpone) the wedding from May 1 to July 14 (= make it happen at a later time) Thank you in advance!
  • have breakfast - English-Spanish Dictionary . . .
    have breakfast - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions
  • maybe - English-French Dictionary WordReference. com
    a definite maybe A variety, maybe 5 different types Except, maybe some shops I have nothing to say maybe just goodbye I Would Like These Shoes Stiched At The Top And Also Maybe Re-soled To Add Strength
  • Living in Ecuador: All About Life in Ecuador (Cuenca . . .
    Are you thinking about living in Ecuador? Does it have what you need? And what part of Ecuador will you live in? In this huge guide to our very best Ecuador expat content, you'll learn what it's like to live in Ecuador, the best areas to live in, and how to get settled into your new life abroad We moved to Ecuador as a family in July 2009
  • Princess Lilian, Duchess of Halland - Wikipedia
    Princess Lilian of Sweden, Duchess of Halland (born Lillian May Davies, later Craig; 30 August 1915 – 10 March 2013), was a British fashion model who became a member of the Swedish royal family through her 1976 marriage to Prince Bertil, Duke of Halland (1912–1997) As such, she was a paternal aunt of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and a maternal aunt of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and
  • Riku | Kingdom Hearts Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
    Terra chooses a young Riku as his successor During the events of Birth by Sleep, Riku was a five year old boy who lived on Destiny Islands, along with Sora
  • Top 10 Worst Genocidal Mass-Murderers To Have Ever Lived . . .
    Top 10 Worst Genocidal Mass-Murderers To Have Ever Lived, And It Is Not Who You Think

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