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  • International Age Rating Coalition - Official Site
    A ground-breaking global rating and age classification system for digitally delivered games and apps
  • International Age Rating Coalition - Wikipedia
    The International Age Rating Coalition is an establishment aimed at streamlining acquisition of content ratings from authorities of different countries Introduced in 2013, the IARC system simplifies the process of obtaining ratings by developers, through the use of questionnaires, which assess the content of the product
  • Now Available: Single age rating system to simplify app . . .
    International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) for general purpose; You’ll receive regional age ratings from participating rating boards,
  • Fact sheet—International Age Rating Coalition (IARC)
    The International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) is a partnership of leading computer game ratings authorities from 36 countries across the world, including the United States, Canada, most of Europe and Brazil In Australia, the IARC tool will be classifying computer games, in the form of
  • ESRB - The International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) is a. . .
    The International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) is a ground-breaking rating system for digitally delivered games apps administered by many of the world’s
  • ESRB expanding to mobile, digital platforms . . .
    ESRB and rest of the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) will bring global game ratings to Google Play, consoles and more
  • Age ratings - UWP app developer | Microsoft Docs
    Age ratings 03 28 2018; 5 minutes to read; Contributors In this article The Age ratings page of the app submission process lets you provide information about your app so it can receive the appropriate age and content ratings administered by the International Age Ratings Coalition (IARC) rating system
  • FAQs about ESRB - ESRB Ratings
    The ESRB is one of the founding rating authorities of the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC), which administers a streamlined process for assigning age and content ratings to the high volume of digitally delivered games and mobile apps coming into the market today

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