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  • It’s You, Not Me: Why More More Ministers Are Leaving . . .
    The article here might also be titled: “It’s Me, Not You: Why More More Ministers are Leaving Churches of Christ ” That’s not to say that Preachers aren’t abused, but it’s NEVER an excuse to leave the church
  • Its You, Not Me: Why More More Ministers Are Leaving . . .
    It’s You, Not Me: Why More More Ministers Are Leaving Churches of Christ October 31st, 2013 I f you worship in a Church of Christ (my tribe), your church might be primed to lose her minister
  • Sean Palmer: It’s You, Not Me: Why More More Ministers . . .
    Wineskins Featured Author Sean Palmer recently triggered a tsunami of Internet page views with his article “It’s You, Not Me: Why More More Ministers Are Leaving the Churches of Christ ” _____ Increasingly, ministers of all stripes are sharing with me their desires to get out of Churches of Christ
  • Reasons Why Ministers Quit - pastoralcareinc. com
    10 Reasons Why Pastors Leave the Ministry By Jim Fuller (Printable Version link at the bottom of this article) 10 LACK OF VISION Most pastors start out in the ministry with the energy and vision necessary to be able to conqueror most everything
  • 5 Reasons Ministers Are (More) Vulnerable to Sexual Temptation
    Even ministers… and maybe, especially ministers Ministers have jobs that automatically put them in a pressure cooker It’s not unusual to have a stressful job, but there are five unique aspects of a ministry position that make him more vulnerable to opening the door to sexual temptation 1
  • 1 Big Reason Spiritual People Are Leaving Churches . . .
    They may tell you it's because of the music, or the preaching, or the youth and children's programs, but the underground reason may be because they are not encountering God any more I've read articles and exit polls about the many reasons people leave their churches, but most of them are surface reasons
  • 3 Reasons Young Adults Are Leaving the Church - pastors. com
    Instead of focusing so much on why young adults leave the church, let’s focus more on how they enter the church and how they engage it along the way And when you show me young adults who are truly converted, have ministered and worshiped with the church as a whole and have grown to love the people of God, I’ll show you young adults who are
  • Why Half of All Pastors Want to Quit Their Jobs - OnFaith
    1,500 pastors leave the ministry for good each month, citing burnout or contention in their churches 80 percent of pastors (and 84 percent of pastors’ spouses) are discouraged in their roles Almost half of all pastors have seriously considered leaving ministry for good in the past three months

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