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  • How do you deal with discrimination racism? Ive been . . .
    It’s a white country, maybe you were talking about those anti-black racist Filipinos I don’t know Mad at people’s perspective of black people but you don’t care about black people committing crime
  • Kylie Minogue - Wikipedia
    Kylie was born to Ronald Charles Minogue and Carol Ann Jones in Melbourne, Australia, on 28 May 1968 Her father is a fifth generation Australian, and has Irish ancestry, while her mother came from Maesteg, Wales Jones had lived in Wales until age ten when her mother and father, Millie and Denis Jones, decided to move to Australia for a better life
  • Caressed - definition of caressed by The Free Dictionary
    ca·ress (kə-rĕs′) n A gentle touch or gesture of fondness, tenderness, or love tr v ca·ressed, ca·ress·ing, ca·ress·es 1 To touch or stroke in an affectionate or loving manner 2 To touch or move as if with a caress: soft music that caressed the ears [French caresse, from Italian carezza, from caro, dear, from Latin cārus; see kā- in
  • The feline soul mate–do you have one too? | Natural Cat . . .
    Maybe you’ll know the answer to a question that’s been in my mind since yesterday – nobody else writes about this and knows See, I’m more of a dog person myself
  • Kerli - Wikipedia
    Early life Kerli Kõiv was born in Elva on February 7, 1987 Her mother, Piret Kõiv, was a social worker, and her father, Toivo Kõiv, was an auto mechanic Her parents separated when she was 16 Kerli has stated that when she wrote "Supergirl"—a song about domestic violence written for Utopia—she "put [herself] in [her] mother's body, and said things that [she] wished that [her mother
  • Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music . . .
    Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Video) - Listen On Spotify: http: smarturl it AstleySpotify Learn more about the brand new album ‘Beautiful
  • WTF Weds: I have a brain tumor. I’ve named it Steve. – The . . .
    There are things that you can imagine yourself saying Things like, “Why thank you, yes, I will take a third helping of dessert ” or “We can hang out at our house, but you guys have to not touch the dust piles I’ve been collecting them for three months, and there’s one specimen that I
  • 28 Lessons I’ve Learned From Life - ERIC KIM
    Prague, 2015 Dear friend, Today (Jan 31st) I turn 28 years old I wanted to use this opportunity to reflect on the past, and also share some life lessons I’ve learned (so far) in my short, yet loving, and fulfilling life:

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