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  • Learning To Love You More
    35 Ask your family to describe what you do 34 Make a protest sign and protest 33 Braid someone's hair 32 Draw a scene from a movie that made you cry 31 Spend time with a dying person 30 Take a picture of strangers holding hands 29 Make an audio recording of a choir 28 Edit a photo album page 27 Take a picture of the sun 26
  • Early Childhood Education and Daycare | The Learning Experience
    Children love learning from characters—and studies show that it’s highly effective especially in preschool and early education I appreciate you all for everything that you do The Learning Experience is an excellent place for any child to obtain their education during the early years ” FL More than 275 locations have opened
  • Yousician | Learn Guitar, Piano, Ukulele With The Songs you Love
    Yousician makes learning to play an instrument fun and easy, no matter your skill level Follow lesson plans created by real music teachers, learn fast with interactive tutorials, and stay motivated with goals and progress tracking Our award-winning technology listens to you play and gives instant feedback on your accuracy and timing
  • KooBits - Love Learning
    Designed to help students love maths; Perfect for children aged 6 to 12; Learn More Start Free Trial Learn Faster, More Effectively your child will be more confident and you will see his her results improve over time! 03 Download the Parent App to gain real-time insights of your child’s learning progress - Receive a login ID for the
  • Learning
    Sanoma Learning is a leading K12 European learning company Our learning products and services enable and support teachers and schools to develop the talents of every child to reach their potential pupils to discover and learn to achieve the best possible learning outcomes and allow teachers to excel at what they love to do and do best
  • Boddle Learning | 3D Math Game for K-6 Kids
    Tackle learning loss and help your kids catch up and excel in K-6 math with Boddle's adaptive learning platform! More than Just for Fun! out! My Third Graders love this program! My school gave loaner laptops to all my students that only had iPads They love it! Thank you for all the help getting my class setup You ROCK! Kari, CA
  • K–12 Curriculum, Advanced Placement, ELA | Perfection Learning
    Use the literature you love to develop critical readers and writers with our flexible solutions It has made difficult information to learn much more accessible and digestible my students were able to gain college credit at a high rate If you have questions about Perfection Learning products,
  • Legends of Learning | Math Science Games For Teachers Students
    My seventh-grade students loved legends of learning! I love seeing them so engaged in science games especially since they are learning or reviewing knowledge with every game There are so many games for each standard and so many different types of games that each student always finds at least one they like

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