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  • Love Taza - Rockstar DiariesLove Taza | Rockstar Diaries
    a few months shy of our 12th wedding anniversary (plus 5 sweet kids later that sometimes make that number feel 70 years longer), i’ve come to learn the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day (and any special occasion, really), isn’t with a fancy dinner or box of chocolates or tickets to a beautiful show (although those things are certainly nice and wonderful, too!
  • Love Taza - Page 2 of 513 - Rockstar Diaries
    the main reason for our trip to disney world and orlando in november was because we are in the midst of reading the harry potter series to our older three kids and pretty much everyone over here at the davis household is a major potter fan (i can’t speak for madalena and beatrice on this one, but i have a feeling!)
    Brandi, aka the newly minted Mrs Merritt, has been trying to transition from a fitness blogger into a fashion blogger The results have been both hilarious and sad, mainly because her personal style is the equivalent of sartorial elevator music But nothing will produce a mixture of lols, cringe, and rage like trying to make affiliate money off your knockoff crap
  • Top Picks from the Summer 2015 Show! - Milly
    The Milly Grace Girls Blog is a lifestyle blog about Emily, the owner of a cute shop on Nantucket Island called Milly Grace, Allison, an actress living in Los Angeles, and Caroline, a college student (and future wedding planner) living in Malibu!
  • What Is a Lifestyle Blogger? - Mediakix
    For the latest authoritative marketing news, trends, and stats on social media stars and influencer marketing, subscribe to our industry digest newsletter! What Is A Lifestyle Blogger?
  • Todays Letters | There are many things that can change a . . .
    Emily Loerke (and sometimes her husband Tim) blog about daily love letters, marriage, food, music, dancing in jammers, sleeping late in the biscuit, and building forts

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