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  • Love Taza - Rockstar DiariesLove Taza | Rockstar Diaries
    today is giving tuesday! i love this day it’s a day sandwiched right in between our thanksgiving day, when we are focused on being grateful, and the christmas season when we are focused on loving others so while every day of the year is a good day to give to charities, it feels like an especially good time to combine those feelings of gratitude and love in a recipe for serving and helping
  • Love Taza - Page 2 of 510 - Rockstar Diaries
    thank you to capital one for sponsoring this post once upon a time, in those newlywed years long long ago, josh and i began a hunt for new york city’s very best burger as self-proclaimed cheeseburger fanatics who also fall hard for french fries and rarely meet a milkshake we don’t like, the self-imposed task of finding the very best burgers this city has to offer felt nothing short of
    Shannon Bird, scared of Mexico, dressed the family up in Santa costumes and went to the airport for some reason While there she allowed Hip Baby off her hip for a few minutes to enjoy a candy buffet from the bulk bins On to the TL;DR…
  • Top Picks from the Summer 2015 Show! - Milly
    The Milly Grace Girls Blog is a lifestyle blog about Emily, the owner of a cute shop on Nantucket Island called Milly Grace, Allison, an actress living in Los Angeles, and Caroline, a college student (and future wedding planner) living in Malibu!
  • What Is A Lifestyle Blogger? - Influencer Marketing Agency
    A lifestyle blog is best defined as a digital content representation of its author’s everyday life and interests A lifestyle blogger creates content inspired and curated by their personal interests and daily activities
  • Todays Letters | There are many things that can change a . . .
    Emily Loerke (and sometimes her husband Tim) blog about daily love letters, marriage, food, music, dancing in jammers, sleeping late in the biscuit, and building forts

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