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  • KATE BUSH discography and reviews - Progarchives. com
    "Aspects of the Sensual World" is an EP that Kate Bush released in the US and Canada in March 1990 It contains the track "The Sensual World" which was a single from the album of the same name, released in September 1989, and also contains B-sides released between 1989 and 1990 in Europe and the UK
  • PINK FLOYD discography and reviews - Progarchives. com
    Pink Floyd biography Formed in 1965 in London, UK - Disbanded in 1994 - Reunited with different formation on several ocasions One of the biggest bands of all time
  • The Four Seasons (Vivaldi) - Wikipedia
    The Four Seasons (Italian: Le quattro stagioni) is a group of four violin concerti by Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi, each of which gives musical expression to a season of the year They were written around 1721 and were published in 1725 in Amsterdam, together with eight additional violin concerti, as Il cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione ("The Contest Between Harmony and Invention")
  • Discography in detail :: Chris While and Julie Matthews
    Music player instructions If there's a play button to the left of the song title click it! Depending on the browser you're using you might have to click the play button twice: once to activate it, a second time to play the song
  • Windham Hill Records Discography – Windham Hill Records
    Windhaming The Windham Hill Records Discography Welcome to Windhaming, the complete Windham Hill Records Discography featuring samples, reviews, liner notes, credits and links to the artists
  • It Bites - Wikipedia
    It Bites are an English progressive rock and pop fusion band, formed in Egremont, Cumbria, England, in 1982 and best known for their 1986 single "Calling All The Heroes", which gained them a Top 10 UK Singles Chart hit Initially fronted by Francis Dunnery, the band split in 1990, eventually returning in 2006 with new frontman John Mitchell
  • Prindle Record Reviews - Ween
    The Crucial Squeegie Lip - Bird O' Pray 1986 It's a good thing I wasn't hangin' loose in New Hope, Pennsylvania back in 1986 because there is a sad chance that this world would never have experienced such incredible musical journeys as The Mollusk, Quebec, GodWeenSatan=The Oneness, The Pod, White Pepper, 12 Golden Country Greats, Chocolate Cheese or Pure Guava
  • The Moody Blues - John McFerrins Rock and Prog Reviews
    John McFerrin reviews one of the finer bands of the classic rock era, The Moody Blues

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