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  • Obama FISA: Trump Wiretap May Have Been Sought . . .
    But now, let’s consider the press reports — excerpted in David French’s Corner post — that claim that the Obama Justice Department and the FBI sought FISA warrants against Trump insiders, and potentially against Donald Trump himself, during the last months and weeks of the presidential campaign
  • Trump’s ‘evidence’ for Obama wiretap claims relies on . . .
    The Washington Post for months has sought to confirm this report of a FISA warrant related to the Trump campaign but has been unable to do so Presumably, other major news organizations have tried to do so as well
  • Non-Denial ‘Denial’: Obama Response to Trump ‘Wiretap . . .
    A number of ex-Obama officials appear to suggest that the Obama administration may have actually wiretapped the Trump campaign, but that if they did it would have been justified by a court and part of an investigation by the Justice Department—not led by or ordered from the White House or the former president himself
  • If the Feds Did Wiretap Trump Tower, Its Not Obama Who . . .
    None of this necessarily makes Trump's allegations true Even if a FISA warrant exists, it does not mean Trump Tower is tapped or that Trump specifically is the target Further complicating things, the existence of a wiretap would not necessarily confirm the existence of a FISA warrant
  • Examining Trumps Wiretap Claim - FactCheck. org
    On the same day that the White House provided us with these stories, James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence under Obama, appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and denied that a FISA court warrant was issued to monitor Trump Tower
  • It Is Complicated – FISA Court Found FAULT With NSA, FBI . . .
    FBI Director James B Comey asked the Justice Department this weekend to issue a statement refuting President Trump’s claim that President Barack Obama ordered a wiretap of Trump’s phones before the election, according to U S officials, but the department did not do so
  • Legal experts bat down Fox News claims Trump . . . - Newsweek
    Fox News Slammed By Legal Experts for Saying Trump Was Right About Obama Wiretap Trump’s tweet may have been FISA warrants targeting Manafort still have
  • Did Obama spy on Trump? Glenn Reynolds - USA TODAY
    The issues are (a) whether the Obama Justice Department sought such surveillance authorization from the FISA court, and (b) whether, if the Justice Department did that, the White House was aware of or complicit in the decision to do so

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