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  • Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay Lyrics by Otis Redding
    (SITTIN' ON) THE DOCK OF THE BAY - written by Otis Redding and Steve Cropper - lyrics as recorded by Otis Redding December 7, 1967, just three days before his death in a plane crash outside Madison, Wisconsin
  • Internacional
    (COVER BY MADE IN KZ ) • I Just Called To Say I love You (FEAT JOE BONAMASSA) • Ill Take Care Of You (GEORGE MICHAEL (COVER) • One More Try
  • 3000 Old Rock and; Pop Songs With Chords-Titles List
    Top Old Rock and Pop Songs With Chords - Titles List 3000 older rock and pop songs with chords for guitar
  • Cover Songs That Are Better Than The Original
    I like Sleeping at Last's version of "Already Gone" more than Kelly Clarkson's original, but I don't get the song If you're that upset about breaking up with someone, don't break up with him
  • Love Song Lyrics with Chords, Classic Modern Love and . . .
    Love Song Lyrics with Chords for Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin etc -Titles index page 2800+ Contemporary and Classic Love Lyrics with chords, including printable PDF version
  • Find A Song - who-sang-that-song. com
    Do you need a little extra help with trying to find a song, singer or band? Sometimes it can be hard to find a song title based on just a few words or by the melody You may even know most of the words to a song but still can’t figure out the title because the title isn’t even in the lyrics
  • Prindle Record Reviews - The Rolling Stones
    12X5 - London 1964 Five originals this time around!Still not too good, though Poorly written rip-offs of the stellar stuff they were covering "Good Times, Bad Times" is fairly enjoyable though, although sounding not a whit like the Led Zeppelin ditty that later borrowed its moniker
  • Recordings Database via the DR software - [English]
    Real measurements of the actual dynamic range of some commercial recording, thanks to the DR software of the Pleasurize Music Foundation TNT AUDIO - www tnt-audio com

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