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  • Plutarch • Life of Caesar
    (Vol VII) Plutarch, The Parallel Lives p443 The Life of Julius Caesar 1 1 The wife of Caesar1 was Cornelia, the daughter of the Cinna who had once held the sole power at Rome,2 and when Sulla became master of affairs,3 he could not, either by promises or threats, induce Caesar to put her away, and therefore confiscated her dowry 2 Now, the reason for Caesar's hatred of Sulla was Caesar's
  • Plutarchs Life of Caesar - Boston Leadership Builders
    Here Ends Plutarch's Life of Caesar NOTES 1 According to Suetonius (The Twelve Caesars) Caesar's stay in Bythinia was rather longer, so that he was suspected of being sexually corrupted by king Nicomedes 2 Caesar's Anti-Cato is lost
  • The Internet Classics Archive | Caesar by Plutarch
    The ground of Sylla's hostility to Caesar was the relationship between him and Marius; for Marius, the elder, married Julia, the sister of Caesar's father, and had by her the younger Marius, who consequently was Caesar's first cousin
  • Plutarch - Wikipedia
    Plutarch (Life of Alexander Life of Julius Caesar, Parallel Lives, [tr E L Bowie]) Plutarch stretches and occasionally fabricates the similarities between famous Greeks and Romans in order to be able to write their biographies as parallel
  • Plutarch, Life of Caesar - Purdue University
    Plutarch, Life of Caesar Plut Cicero IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL NOTE REGARDING THE BONA DEA TRIAL The rites of the Bona Dea Goddess were typically held in the house of a Roman magistrate with imperium (consul or praetor) For more about the actual rites of the Bona Dea, how they were conducted, where, why, and by whom, see the Wikipedia
  • Plutarch, Caesar, chapter 1, section 1 - Tufts University
    For Julia, a sister of Caesar's father, was the wife of Marius the Elder, and the mother of Marius the Younger, who was therefore Caesar's cousin 1 Many think that opening paragraphs of this Life , describing the birth and boyhood of Caesar, have been lost
  • Plutarch’s Parallel Lives - Online Library of Liberty
    Plutarch then shows how Antony’s ambitions for power after Caesar’s assassination contribute to the turmoil that explodes into another civil war, one that would end the republic and bring to power Octavian, the eventual founder of the Roman Empire (as the first emperor, Augustus)
  • Life of Julius Caesar by Plutarch - Goodreads
    Plutarch writes Caesar's life so as to seem almost an admirer of him yet when writing Cato the YOunger's life, Plutarch seems very much to have disliked Caesar This makes his writing of Caesar's life more interesting because while not admiring him, Plutarch doesn't disparage him, at least not in his own story

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