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  • Pregnancy Due Date Ranges - Spacefem
    Pregnancy Due Date Ranges It's based on the idea that the average pregnancy lasts 40 weeks with a standard deviation of about 10 days This means you're more likely to go into labor on one of the days close to your due date For instance, about half of all babies are born within a week of their date
  • Pregnancy Due Date Ranges - spacefem. com
    Pregnancy Due Date Ranges This table attempts to estimate your probability of going into labor on different individual days based on your estimated due date If you don't know your due date, or just want a handy daily page to tell you where you're at, use the pregnancy calendar
  • Pregnancy, Due Dates, and the length of Human Gestation . . .
    Babies come around their due dates Only 12 out of 211 particpants (5 6%) spontaneously arrived on the exact day But if you look around that date, the numbers get bigger fast 55 babies (25%) arrived spontaneously between 39 weeks 4 days and 40 weeks 3 days
  • Pregnancy Due Date Ranges — The Bump
    Here's something to think about I just found this and thought it was pretty neat It's based on a 10 day standard deviation of your due date
  • spacefem. com on reddit. com
    Pregnancy Due Date Ranges aka website I'm obsessed with at 37+2 (spacefem com) submitted 1 year ago by CeddiKing to r predaddit 1 comment Reposting because I haven't seen this in a while--probability of going into labor on by various days based on your due date (spacefem com) submitted 3 years ago by givemegingerale to r BabyBumps 14
  • Pregnancy Due Date Calculator
    This pregnancy calculator uses one of two methods to work out your due date If you fill in the start date of your last period, it takes that date and adds 40 weeks (280 days) to that date (assuming you've chosen a 28 day average cycle)
  • Pregnant? You’re Definitely Going To Need a Spreadsheet
    And I do like to know WHEN something will actually be complete, so based on some established due date statistics I can calculate my probability of going into labor on a given day
  • Your Due Date Is Wrong–So When Is Labor Most Likely . . .
    But, if available, an estimate based on a first trimester ultrasound is the best option Using ultrasound-based due dates, 92% of pregnancies delivered within the normal range of 37-42 weeks; using due dates, this percentage fell to 87% One day off Two days off

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