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  • Justice League: Everything to Know About the Movie . . .
    Superman may have "died" in the climactic battle of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice but like most comic book character deaths, that means little The final scene of BvS clearly shows the dirt above his coffin defying gravity and as producer Deborah Snyder put it best when we visited the War Room of the production for Justice League
  • Justice League Is The Box Office Bomb That Saved Hollywood
    More importantly, Justice League’s relative failure may have finally killed Hollywood’s counterproductive obsession with the cinematic universe Just 5 5 years after The Avengers made $1 5 billion worldwide and sent the industry chasing their own MCU-like universe, I would argue the disappointment of the DC Comics version was the final nail
  • Zack Snyder Faces His Haters on the Set of Justice League
    “I love the characters, and maybe to a fault sometimes, I dork out on the hardcore aspects of the comic books,” said Snyder Behind him as he spoke was a table strewn with Justice League weaponry, including enough swords, shields, and pitchforks to populate Snyder’s war film 300; earlier, we had seen a host of armored, ammo-laden vehicles
  • Justice League Box Office: Why A $94M Debut Is A Disaster
    'Justice League' barely made more on opening weekend than 'Batman v Superman' made on its first day
  • Justice League End Credits Scenes Explained (SPOILERS!) - IGN
    Warning: FULL SPOILERS ahead for Justice League! There are two end credits scenes in Justice League The first is a mid-credits scene involving two members of the Justice League, while the second scene occurs at the very end of the credits and sets up potential big future developments in DC’s
  • Why Justice League will be better than you think - Looper. com
    Speaking of grimness, one reason to look forward to Justice League is that it will have some humor in it While some blame the negative reviews on people expecting every superhero movie to follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe model, it must be said that Batman v
  • Justice League Action (Western Animation) - TV Tropes
    Justice League Action is an American superhero animated series airing on Cartoon Network Based on the Justice League of America franchise from DC Comics, …
  • What Didnt End Up in Justice League - IGN
    Several actors we know shot scenes for Justice League have been cut from the final film They include Willem Dafoe as the Atlantean Vulko, Kiersey Clemons as Barry Allen's love interest Iris West, and, in the flashback to the ancient battle against Steppenwolf, Robin Wright reprising her role as as the Amazon warrior Antiope

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