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  • Valentine - Wikipedia
    A valentine is a card or gift given on Valentine's Day, or one's sweetheart and may refer to: Valentine (name), a given name and surname (and list of people and fictional characters with the name)
  • Valentine tank - Wikipedia
    The Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine was an infantry tank produced in the United Kingdom during the Second World War More than 8,000 of the type were produced in eleven marks, plus various specialised variants, accounting for approximately a quarter of wartime British tank production The many variants included riveted and welded construction, petrol and diesel engines and a progressive
  • Valentine Demy - Wikipedia
    Biografia Ex campionessa di culturismo, dopo aver lavorato come modella ha cominciato la sua carriera cinematografica partecipando a film erotici come Snack Bar Budapest (1988) e Paprika (1991, entrambi di Tinto Brass) e apparendo in altre pellicole come Abbronzatissimi (di Bruno Gaburro, accanto a Jerry Calà) L'esordio ufficiale nel porno avviene nel 1994, anche se non mancano produzioni

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