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  • Wedding Wishes: What to Write in a Wedding Card - TheKnot
    Religious wedding card messages can mention God, tell them of your prayers or quote scripture Before writing a religious message in a wedding card, consider the couple's beliefs and practices, and customize the message to them
  • Wedding Wishes: What to Write in a Wedding Card | Hallmark . . .
    Wedding wishes: what to write in a wedding card By Keely Chace on September 8, 2016 Imagine yourself in the parking lot walking in to your friend’s wedding reception—pen in hand, necktie pantyhose in a twist, desperately trying to think up a warm and meaningful personal message to write in your wedding card for the happy couple
  • What to write in a wedding card - greeting-card-messages. com
    Best wishes and all our love on your wedding day May it be the first day of a long and happy marriage I'm very happy for you two and I'm glad to be sharing this special day with you celebrating your love Congratulations on your wedding! Witnessing two people in love exchange vows and make promises is unforgettable and inspiring
  • What To Write In a Wedding Card: Guide + Wedding Wishes . . .
    What goes well with the perfect wedding gift? Heartfelt wishes, of course! With texting and emails being so prevalent today, it’s not always easy to figure out what to write in a wedding card
  • Wedding Messages and Quotes to Write in a Card | Holidappy
    Figuring out what to write in a wedding card can be a challenge Weddings tend to be elaborate spectacles packed with tradition and meaning Reaching these high expectations can be intimidating, even if only writing in a card to say congratulations
  • Wedding Wishes and Messages For Cards 2018 | Shutterfly
    Our wedding card etiquette guide features easy to follow instructions and specific example messages to help you navigate through what to write in a wedding card A congratulations is in order No matter what your personal writing style, this common expression is a great way to warm up your wedding greeting
  • Wedding wishes: 20 ways to write in a wedding card . . .
    What do you say in a wedding card? Ease your dilemma with these 20 heartfelt ways to write in a wedding card, formally, casually or religiously!

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