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  • When To Use Has Have Had Been And Having Been?
    Anonymouswhere to use have been,had been has been has been goes where is goes have been goes where am or are goes had been goes where was or were goes Mary [is] sick (now) Mary [has been] sick (for some time, until now) Fred and Mary [are] here (now) Fred and Mary [have been] here (for some time, until now) Laura [was] sitting in the garden
  • have been ,has been, had been - Learn English by Using It . . .
    I, you, we, they --> HAVE BEEN He, she, it --> HAS BEEN But other than that, HAVE BEEN and HAS BEEN have the same meaning Now, HAD BEEN is in the Past Perfect tense Joe had been a good doctor before he started losing his memory Meaning: Joe used to be a good doctor Then, at some point, he started to lose his memory
  • verbs - Where should we use has have been and had been . . .
    Where should we use "has have been" and "had been"? What is the difference between them?
  • tense - Explain usage of “have had been” - English . . .
    Explain usage of “have had been” and how should I use it? The have had construction you ask about employs HAVE in both roles, auxiliary and lexical,
  • Difference Between Have Been And Had Been
    Below are examples of using “have been” and “has been” in a sentence I have been trying to reach you all day (The fact has not changed at the time of speaking)
  • grammar - have been versus had been in questions . . .
    "have been" is the past perfect tense It refers to an event in the past, from the perspective of the present For instance, "[At some point before NOW] I have been told he's French" "had been" is the pluperfect tense
  • grammar - had been using vs has been using - English . . .
    I want to say my friend was using a software since five years ago and he's still using the software, now which term is right : My friend has been using a software for five years
  • Difference Between Have Been and Has Been
    “Have been” and “has been” are used in the present perfect continuous form of sentences For example, She has been going to school and They have been going to school Present Perfect Continuous The present perfect continuous form is used to denote that something which had begun in the past

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