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  • grammaticality - Which is correct? I have been here so . . .
    In the context where you are saying you have been in a job for a many years, it's more natural to say "I have been here a long time" Part 2) - "I haven't been here for a long time " As a native speaker, that sounds a bit clunky I think "I haven't been here long", or "I haven't been here very long", is more natural
  • Grammaticality - Wikipedia
    Grammaticality is cross-linguistic, so this method has therefore been used on a wide variety of languages Grammaticality judgements are largely based on an individual's linguistic intuition, and it has been pointed out that humans have the ability to understand as well as produce an infinitely large number of new sentences that have never seen before
  • Grammaticality and Acceptability | A J Hareendran . . .
    Grammaticality and Acceptability (Grammar Correct and Incorrect - Grammar and Usage) There is a view that grammar can be good or bad, correct or in correct This is based on the misconception that grammar is a set of normative rules that tell us how a language should be used
  • Grammatical Error Detection Using Error- and . . .
    only the syntactic context of words so that classiers treat erroneous and correct words as similar inputs We address the we use the term grammaticality to re-fer to the correct or incorrect label of the tar-get word given its surrounding context We also ror patterns in language learning have been per-formed For example, Sawai et al
  • Definition and Examples of Grammaticality - ThoughtCo
    John Benjamins, 2004) - "Acceptability is the extent to which a sentence allowed by the rules to be grammatical is considered permissible by speakers and hearer; grammaticality is the extent to which a 'string' of language conforms with a set of given rules
  • English Grammar: Have you ever been to (a place . . .
    Have you ever been to Rome, Italy? You can use the present perfect to talk about a place, city, or country you have visited The present perfect is used to talk about if , at any point in your life in the past, you have visited or traveled to a specific place
  • Being and Been - Free English Grammar Lessons and Tests
    Being and Been Writers occasionally confuse the words being and been As a rule, the word been is always used after have (in any form, e g , has , had , will have , having )
  • John Heald - Good morning. So I have been here for the . . .
    So I have been here for the last hour or so answering your questions and will do the same for the rest of the day so please do let me know how I can help you Rather than start today’s posts off with my usual stuff and nonsense I would if it’s OK like to write about something rather different

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