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  • present perfect - have been working vs. have worked . . .
    What is the difference between the following two sentences? I have been working here for 20 years I have worked here for 20 years The present perfect tense is used for repetitive or constant actions that began in the past and continue to the present
  • Present Perfect Tense: Simple Past vs Present Perfect vs . . .
    I have been with my department for three years I have been in Internet technologies since 1992 10 How long ?, for and since To ask questions about periods of time, we can use How long ? + the present perfect How long have you been in Amsterdam?I have been here since September for six months Note COMMON MISTAKE: We do not use the present simple tense with for and since to talk
  • Present Perfect Tense - The Free Dictionary
    The present perfect tense (sometimes referred to as the present perfect simple tense) is formed by using the present tense of the auxiliary verb have (or has, if used with third-person singular pronouns) along with the past participle of the “main” verb Despite its name, the present perfect is used to give general information about something that happened in the past (anytime “before
  • Present Perfect or Past Perfect? · engVid
    hi, thank you i really get the lesson but could tell us WHERE to use the past perfect and the present perfect i had a bad mark in English because of this lesson and all my collages have trebles with that so pleaaaaaaase I AM BEGGING explain this lesson “where to use both of them”English LANGUAGE is important to me and you really helped thank you
  • I have worked I have been working | WordReference Forums
    Hello, everybody, Is there a difference between these two sentences: I have worked here since 1999, and I have been working here since 1999 I would also appreciate if somebody could explain me the differenece between using Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous on the whole
  • Present perfect – for and since Present perfect vs Past simple
    1a Complete each sentence with foror since 1 I’ve been here _____ yesterday 2 She’s been living in London _____ 2002 3 I’ve been learning English _____
  • Chapter 4 - FEG - AzarGrammar. com
    CONTENTS Review 4-1 Past participle 4-2 Forms of the present perfect 4-3 Meanings of the present perfect 4-4 Simple past vs present perfect
  • past tense - I noticed vs I have noticed - English . . .
    Past as in "I noticed" (1) and present perfect as in "I have noticed" (2) is a matter of farness and nearness in time In 1 you speak of something in past time (maybe last week, last year)

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