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  • present perfect - have lived vs have been living - English . . .
    The verb live like the verb work (in the sense of having a job) can be used in the present perfect or the present perfect continuous, with no change in meaning So the sentence "I have lived in London for five years" has the same meaning as the sentence "I have been living in London for five years"
  • present perfect - lived; have lived; have been living . . .
    The present perfect is often used when something started in the past and is still connected with the present For example, Scarlett Johansson has portrayed the role of Black Widow since 2010 I've been living in LA for 10 years; I've lived in LA for 10 years;
  • Present Perfect Vs Present Perfect Progressive?
    I think I have been living shows that the person has been living and will likely to live there for a future period while have lived shows that it is unlikely to live there for a long-term in the future
  • Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Continuous . . .
    Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Continuous In most cases, both tenses are acceptable: I have lived in Los Angeles since 1985 I have been living in Los Angeles since 1985 There are some situations in which one of the tenses sounds better To emphasise duration of an action, use the continuous form:
  • I Have Lived Here All My Life Vs I Have Been Living Here . . .
    With live and work you can use present perfect continuous or present perfect simple (I have been living here since 2005 = I have lived here since 2005) Use present perfect continuous for actions that have been going on very recently They have usually just stopped
  • Ive lived been living here for [Present perfect . . .
    The form "have been living in Rome for 10 years" is also ambiguous, but the probability that the 10-years period in question ends with the present is somewhat greater than with "have lived in Rome for 10 years":
  • had lived vs have lived - UsingEnglish. com
    I mean in "had lived", "had" refers to a past point, while "lived" points to an action finished before the past point Can I make such an analogy between present perfect and past perfect? 1 Julie and Mike had lived together for fifteen years when they got divorced 2 Julie and Mike have lived together for fifteen years
  • English Grammar: Present Perfect vs. Past Simple (Review . . .
    For example, “I have lived here for two years ” is the same as “I have been living here for two years There is one more situation in which we often use the present perfect 4) Present Perfect for Actions in the Very Recent Past

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