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  • present perfect - have lived vs have been living - English . . .
    The verb live like the verb work (in the sense of having a job) can be used in the present perfect or the present perfect continuous, with no change in meaning So the sentence "I have lived in London for five years" has the same meaning as the sentence "I have been living in London for five years"
  • have lived vs have been living | WordReference Forums
    have lived vs have been living Discussion in 'English Only' started by ddubug, Mar 23, 2011
  • English Grammar: Present Perfect vs. Past Simple (Review . . .
    For example, “I have lived here for two years ” is the same as “I have been living here for two years There is one more situation in which we often use the present perfect 4) Present Perfect for Actions in the Very Recent Past
  • Present Perfect Or Present Perfect Continuous Tense Exercise
    have been living Either could be used here The present perfect and the present perfect continuous can both be used to talk about actions and situations that started in the past and have continued up to the present
  • Present Perfect Continuous | English Grammar | EF
    Have they been living? Verbs without continuous forms With verbs not normally used in the continuous form, use the simple present perfect instead (verbs such as: know, hate, hear, understand, want)
  • had lived vs have lived - English Language (ESL) Learning . . .
    had lived vs have lived In present perfect like 2, "have" has the nuance of indicating the present, so for native speakers, does "had" in "had lived" have the nuance of indicating the past point? I mean in "had lived", "had" refers to a past point, while "lived" points to an action finished before the past point
  • Present perfect continuous ( I have been working . . .
    Present perfect continuous ( I have been working ) - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary Present perfect continuous (I have been working) He’s been living in the village since 1995 (He is still living in the village ) She has been writing her autobiography since 1987
  • I Have Lived Here All My Life Vs I Have Been Living Here . . .
    With live and work you can use present perfect continuous or present perfect simple (I have been living here since 2005 = I have lived here since 2005) Use present perfect continuous for actions that have been going on very recently

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